Siren Platform User Guide

Dashboard groups

Dashboards can be organized in dashboard groups. Dashboard groups are often used to group together visualizations that are based on the same search.

Dashboard Groups Panel

If the dashboard is associated with a saved search, the count of documents on the dashboard is displayed next to the dashboard name. Two additional indicators that may be displayed are:

  • Filters/Queries indicator: The filter icon is displayed if there are any filters or queries currently applied on the dashboard.
  • Pruned joins indicator: A star symbol is displayed if any join operation was pruned.

You create a dashboard group by clicking the Create new group icon in the dashboard panel.


In the dashboard panel, you can change the order of the dashboard groups and move dashboards between groups by dragging and dropping.

Editing a dashboard group

Dashboard groups can be managed by right-clicking the dashboard group name to get the Edit and Delete options.


In Edit mode, you can change the title of an existing group, set the icon to a custom image by inserting a URL, or use a Font Awesome icon.