Known Issues

  • The number of document limits does not work as expected when a user disables the ‘invert’ filter or manually edits a filter that is saved with a dashboard.

Bug Fixes

  • Addressed an issue with the Record Table not flattening nested JSON. Now, nested fields can be added as columns.

  • Addressed a critical issue when adding a search to dashboard 360.

  • Addressed an issue with the dashboard filter disappearing when edit mode was opened, but the filter was not edited.

  • Addressed an issue with the blank list of saved objects in the Management page.

  • Addressed an issue with the time filter not being removed when turning off timeline mode.

  • Addressed an issue when adding nodes to the dashboard 360 model.

  • Addressed an issue with the graph browser’s ‘select by edge count’ not working when nodes are not visible.

  • Addressed the display of the data model subtitle text wrap within container.

  • Addressed the issues related to the time series visual builder not working in 10.5.0.

  • Improvements to the reliability of the drag-and-drop function when moving items onto the graph browser and map components.

  • Improvement to the relation and entity identifier dependency resolution on dashboard export.

  • Improvements to the geoLoad script to allow geohash aggregations by using the geo_point field type instead of the geo_shape field type.

  • Addressed the unexpected behaviour when changing time above limits and navigating away in the expensive query limit feature.

  • Addressed the issues with the tooltip display on the graph browser nodes.

  • Addressed an issue with the scatter plot visualization not working for Any Aggregator Data or Filter Aggregator Data configuration options.

10.5.0 Reminder of Breaking Changes

  • AngularJS library is now updated to version 1.7.9 from version 1.4.8.

  • Updated the EUI Library from the Siren custom version, sirensolutions/eui#4.3.0-siren-patched-1, to "@elastic/eui": "22.1.0" across the entire Siren ecosystem.

  • Removed queries and the Query Viewer visualization, due to the removal of old data sources.

  • REST data source support was removed and replaced with the new Web services feature.