Expanding the graph

The Expansion tab controls how nodes expand when you double-click them or select a group of nodes and click Expand.

  • Dashboard filters: Restrict the nodes produced by an expansion to those present in the selected dashboard (applies the filters from a specific dashboard to the graph). As an example, in our classic demo with Articles and Companies it is possible to limit the expansion of articles simply going in the Article dashboard, filtering the dashboard (for example with the query "funding") and then in the graph browser activate the "Article" dashboard as "Dashboard Filter": when expanding articles from companies, the browser will now only show articles containing the word "funding".

  • Relations - simple: Restrict nodes produced by an expansion to the selected relations.

  • Relations - aggregated: These are relations that aggregate nodes in their edges (edges are lines that connect any two nodes on the graph). For example in our demo starting from "Companies" it is possible to aggregate "Articles" and reach other companies. The result are links that show the "Top co-mentioned company" (e.g. Google highly mentioned together with Microsoft). To do this one can select a Company and then in the Aggregated Relations panel activate the "Company -→ Article -→ Company" aggregate relation and expand on any company to reveal the most comentioned (the individual articles are aggregated in the edges).