Initial preview release

Version 1

  • Changed dashboard.applyState method is now asynchronous

Changes introduced to version 1 in Investigate 11.0.0

  • Fixed a bug where dashboard.getTime was not returning current time

  • Added new methods dashboard.getSavedQueryString, dashboard.getSavedFilters, dashboard.getSavedTime, graphBrowserVisualization.expand, scriptedPanelVisualization.getComboBox

  • Deprecated method graphBrowserVisualization.expandNode use graphBrowserVisualization.expand instead

  • Breaking change - Fixed a bug where browser APIs and libraries like Lodash where available in script context, now they have to be whitelisted in the investigate.yml

  • changed signatures of following method to be asynchronous dashboard.getDashboardDataModelSearchByTitle, dashboard.getDashboardDataModelSearchByNodeId,

    Please review your scripts. If they contain any browser-specific APIs or libraries which you would still like to use they must be whitelisted in investigate.yml configuration. For details see Enabling additional APIs

Scripting interfaces version:


  • initial release


  • added new methods: GraphBrowserVis.expandByRelation, ScriptedPanelVis.getInteractiveTable

  • implemented missing method ScriptedPanelVis.getHtmlCheckboxInputElement


  • added new method: ScriptedPanelVis.getComboBox


  • added new method: GraphBrowserVis.expand

  • deprecated a method: GraphBrowserVis.expandNode