What’s new in Siren Platform 11.0

The following feature enhancements are available in Siren Platform version 11.0. For more information, see the release notes.

Dataspaces in Siren Investigate

Dataspaces are generic partitions that can be used to create completely independent Siren environments for different user groups, such as for a multi-tenant environment or to handle different projects.

You can upload data, such as CSV files, to a specific dataspace in a way that is secure and accessible only to other roles that have access to that dataspace. Learn more.

New features in the Record Table visualization

Formatting cells

In the Record Table visualization, you can customize the appearance and behavior of column cells by applying cell formatters. Learn more.

There are three types of cell formatter:

  • Tags: Tags are derived from fields that contain array values. The cell will display each value in the array with a different-colored tag.

  • Natural Language Processing (NLP): You can apply the NLP cell formatter to text fields to display the NLP annotations that are stored inside another field. The formatted cell will display NLP annotations as highlights on top of the text.

  • Click handlers: An action can be triggered when a cell is clicked. You can either open a URL or trigger a scripting event.

Editing documents

It is now possible to edit documents (records) in a safe way with Siren Investigate’s revision index capability.

If document editing is enabled for the current index pattern search and you have user permissions to edit its documents, the toolbar at the bottom of the table has an additional Add New button that you can use to create new documents from scratch. Learn more.

New feature in the Enhanced Coordinate Map

Marker clustering is a method that allows documents belonging to a point layer to be represented at once on the current map canvas. It is used by Point of Interest layers and Stored Layer sources. Learn more.

The Siren Jira plugin

The Jira plugin allows you to connect Siren Investigate to a Jira cloud or server instance. You can keep track of assigned tickets and export dashboard information as attachments to the tickets, directly from Siren Investigate.

The key features include searching for tickets, selecting an active ticket, and exporting dashboard information. Learn more.

IBM® i2® Analyst’s Notebook plugin

You can export a graph from the Graph Browser with all lenses applied and download it as an ANB graph file. The ANB graph file can be imported into IBM i2 Analyst’s Notebook. Learn more.

The Siren NLP plugin

The NLP plugin provides an ingestion pipeline with a variety of processors for enriching documents with entity extraction.

You can use the plugin to enrich text fields with annotation for named entities - such as an organization, person, or location - and predefined taxonomies. Learn more.

OpenID Connect integration with Elastic Stack Security

You can now integrate Siren Investigate with the OpenID Connect authentication support that is provided by Elastic Stack Security. Learn more.