What’s new in Siren Platform 13.0

For a full list of improvements, fixes, and security enhancements, see the release notes.

New features

Backend, performance improvements

Siren 13.0.0 comes as default with the new Federate 27.4+, which is twice as fast and scalable as the previous version due to a new vectorized processing engine. Improved Investigate status API with better HTTP return codes. Updated Node.js for continuous security update benefits. Ability to disable counts on specific relations at a data model level. PNG export up to 14,000 x 10,000 pixels.

Data model improvements

It is now possible to create unlimited subsearches in the data model. Every time a subsearch is created, it inherits the filters of the parent search. Individual records can appear in one or more searches depending on how you select the filters. You can create relationships between subsearches. It is easier to create directed and undirected relationships in the data model user interface.

Create relation

ESRI vector tile layer support for the enhanced coordinate map

You can now add vector tile layers and vector basemap layer from Siren partner ESRI to the maps. Use these to provide better basemap capabilities with custom styles and faster response time, and add new data sets like census tracts or land parcels.

Map overlay

Siren API enhancements

The Siren scripting API has more flexibility to operate on the graph. It can perform custom transformations and extract PNG screenshots from visualizations to produce advanced ad hoc reports from dashboards.

Image view enhancement

You can now open images directly from the record details to view and zoom in.

Graph browser enhancement

There is a new cleaner interface to view and select records from the graph browser.

Auditing improvements

  • Additional collection to track more user events.

  • Option to disable system access in case auditing logs cannot be stored.

  • Redundant queries performed by the system to track licensing are no longer added to auditing.

  • Parameter to get a list of fields from a record, instead of having everything stored in the audit.

Versions and compatibility

Siren 13.0.0 supports Elasticsearch 8.x, as primary or remote clusters, both on premise and Elastic Cloud.