Installing the Siren NLP plugin

Before you begin

Before you install the Siren NLP plugin, ensure that Elasticsearch is not running.


  1. Extract the Siren NLP distribution ZIP file into a local directory.

  2. In the extracted directory, locate the plugin ZIP file named siren-nlp-{elasticsearch-version}-{version} The path to this plugin ZIP file is represented by PATH-TO-SIREN-NLP-PLUGIN in the command that follows.

  3. From the Elasticsearch installation directory, run the following command:

    $ ./bin/elasticsearch-plugin  install file:///PATH-TO-SIREN-NLP-PLUGIN/siren-nlp-{elasticsearch-version}-{version}
  4. Launch Elasticsearch by running the following command:

    $ ./bin/elasticsearch

    In the output, the following line indicates that the Siren NLP plugin is installed and running:

    [2020-10-05T12:15:20,628][INFO ][o.e.p.PluginsService     ] [siren-node] loaded plugin [siren-nlp]

Removing the plugin

To remove the plugin, run the following command:

$ ./bin/elasticsearch-plugin remove siren-nlp

-> Removing siren-nlp...
Removed siren-nlp