Release notes


New features

  • Adds the capability of dynamically filtering the records for faster and better results. For more details, see Dynamic filters.

  • Adds support for OpenSearch 2.8.x.


  • Improved the highlighting of open groups in the graph browser.

  • Added the ability to invert the direction of aggregated relations in the graph browser.

  • Reduced the number of fields retrieved to reduce the network transfer for saved graphs.

  • Added a confirmation modal to save the unsaved graphs when switching out of the dashboard.

  • Significantly reduced the delay when opening or collapsing a graph browser group.

  • Added the method dataModelEntity.getFields() that returns metadata of the fields from the entity.

Security fixes

Bug fixes

  • Fixed an issue where adding nodes from a saved graph would not update the toolbar correctly.

  • Fixed a bug in the rounding of the end dates of date intervals, which were incorrectly rounded down and not up to the time precision defined in the advanced setting siren:timePrecision.

  • Fixed a bug that prevented the use of autocompletion in the script editor.

  • Fixed an issue in the upgrade, backup, and restore scripts that didn’t allow you to override properties set in investigate.yml.

  • Fixed an issue that caused migrations to fail if the URL of a saved object was empty.

Known issues

  • For users with Searchguard authentication, Siren Federate versions after 7.17.12 are currently unsupported due to issues with authentication headers. Users with Searchguard authentication are advised to remain on Elasticsearch 7.17.12 until the release of Siren Federate 7.17.15-33.1.