Release notes



  • A saved graph now loads three times faster on the graph browser.

  • The dataspace list table now shows the owner and the date on which the dataspace was created.

  • There are now more ways to customize the icon for nodes, edges, and groups in the graph browser. You can select the icon from a URL, a document field, or select an icon from a group’s nodes, see Edit Settings. To update the style of nodes and labels in the selection table, see Viewing nodes in a table .

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a bug where the sidebar wasn’t always updated when moving dashboards from private to shared or vice versa.

Graph browser

  • Fixed an issue where local nodes would not get saved.

  • Fixed an issue where the edge label highlight would not move to the background when selecting other nodes.

  • Fixed an issue where local nodes would not be shown when exiting the timebar mode.