What’s new in Siren Platform 14.0

For a full list of improvements, fixes, and security enhancements, see the release notes.

Explore your data across all entities of the data model with Siren Search. It displays data in a table with the best matching documents at the top and can be configured for mobile device display. You can search for specific text, date ranges, and field values. You can even use the dynamic filters in Siren Search and send data to a graph to view in the graph browser.

For more information, see Siren Search.

Improved dynamic filters

We have added more data types in dynamic filters for more custom control when searching and filtering data. For information about keyword and date types, see Dynamic filters.

Improved graph browser UI

The graph browser is our most powerful visualization. We have improved the UI so that you can utilize the powerful features more easily. It’s now easier to work with lenses, cards, and selection and relation controls. You can open these controls as pop-out and pin them to customize your layout. You can view selected nodes as a table in a bottom bar with increased space and usability when viewing nodes in a table. For more information, see Controlling graph data visualization.

Import a CSV from a network

Import a CSV from a network location into an entity table. You can now browse files on your network and view information about the file to help find the data you want to import. For more information, see Importing data.


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