Goal and Gauge

A goal visualization displays how your metric progresses toward a fixed goal. A gauge visualization displays in which predefined range falls your metric.

For more information, see Y-axis aggregations.

You can customize your visualization. For more information, see Customizing visualizations.

Click the Options tab to change the following options:

  • Gauge Type: Selects between arc, circle and metric display types.

  • Percentage Mode: Shows all values as percentages.

  • Vertical Split. Puts the gauges under each other instead of next to each other.

  • Show Labels: Shows or hides the labels.

  • Sub Text: Text for the label that appears below the value.

  • Auto Extend Range: Automatically grows the gauge if value is over its extents.

  • Ranges: You can add custom ranges. Each range is assigned a color. If a value falls within that range, it is assigned that color. A chart with a single range is called a goal chart. A chart with multiple ranges is called a gauge chart.

  • Color Options: Define how to color your ranges (which color schema to use). Color options are visible only if more than one range is defined.

  • Style - Show Scale. Shows or hides the scale.

  • Style - Color Labels. Whether the labels should have the same color as the range the value falls in.