Shared and Private groups

Located at the bottom of the sidebar, under the global sidebar items, are the Shared and Private groups.

When you create a new sidebar item, such as a dashboard or graph, it appears in Private. Items in Private are only visible to the object owner, the dataspace owner, and administrators. Items in Shared and the global list are visible to all users in the dataspace.

The actions described in this section, and the associated context menu options, are only visible to users who have the relevant permissions. For more information about access levels, see Creating dataspaces.

Moving a sidebar item

A sidebar item can move in the order of Private to Shared to the global list, or from the global list to Shared to Private. For example, you can’t move an item from Private directly to the global list.

  • To move an item from Private, right-click the item and select Move to shared list.

  • To move an item from Shared, right-click it and select either Move to global list or Move to private list.

  • To move an item from the global list, right-click it and click Move to shared list.

To reorder an item within a section, unlock the sidebar and drag the sidebar item.

Changing the owner of a sidebar item

Right-click the item and select Change owner.