Running jsreport with Docker


To run jsreport with Docker you will need:

  1. The configuration file jsreport.config.json created in the previous section.

  2. Access to Docker Hub to fetch the jsreport image.

  3. docker-compose installed.


  1. Create a directory to host the jsreport instance.

  2. Copy the jsreport.config.json file to this new directory.

  3. Create a sub directory named data in the new directory.

  4. Create a file named docker-compose.yml inside the new directory with the following contents:

        image: jsreport/jsreport:latest
        - "5488:5488"
        - "./data:/app/data"
        - "./jsreport.config.json:/app/jsreport.config.json"
  5. Execute docker-compose up

You should now be able to access jsreport directly by visiting http://localhost:5488/reporting.

Running jsreport on Kubernetes

To run jsreport in a Kubernetes pod you will need to:

  • Create a secret with the contents of the jsreport.config.json file and mount it at /app/jsreport.config.json.

  • Create a persistent volume to contain the jsreport data directory and mount it at /app/data.

Next steps

To enable the jsreport integration in Siren Investigate see Enabling jsreport integration.